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Landlord Tycoon MOD APK Unlimited Coins - Games and Apps ...


2. Landlord Tycoon MOD APK Feature 3. Get Landlord Tycoon MOD APK 4. More Landlord Tycoon Overview. About Landlord Tycoon. Landlord Real Estate Tycoon is a segmented strategy and reality game. You can buy and sell real property registered in your area using virtual money. The aim of the game is to become a millionaire and own the best property ...

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Dynasty Heroes Legend of SamKok MOD APK Unlimited Ingots ...


More Dynasty Heroes Legend of SamKok Overview In this game, you have to make a warrior squad or a strong hero team to defeat the enemies, and become the best team. The story in this game is based on a historical story about the 3 kingdoms of the Lu Bu era.

132 People Used

Tokyo Afterschool Summoners MOD APK Unlimited Transient Stone


Welcome to the Japanese RPG theme game Tokyo Afterschool Summoners. In this game you will be venturing in a world that is suddenly visited by monsters. Tokyo Afterschool Summoners mod apk will give you the convenience of Unlimited Transient Points. This is …

454 People Used

Jurassic Tribes MOD APK Unlimited Crystals Unlock VIP 15


Jurassic Tribes MOD APK: There is a new upgrade in creating this mod, we had enough difficulty in the backdoor but ultimately succeeded.. Contents of Jurassic Tribes MOD APK. 1. About Jurassic Tribes 2. Jurassic Tribes MOD APK Feature 3. Get Jurassic Tribes MOD APK

63 People Used

Primal Wars Dino Age MOD APK Unlimited Crystals Unlock VIP 15


Primal Wars Dino Age tells the story of ancient life and has many cool mythical creatures. Unfortunately the city where you live has been destroyed by the enemy. At this time you have to start rebuilding the city and maintaining peace and protecting your people. You can use Primal Wars Dino Age mod APK to get unlimited Crystals.

293 People Used

Dead Spreading Survival MOD APK Unlimited Gems


Dead Spreading: Survival is a simple and fun action game in which you can annihilate thousands upon thousands of zombies, over several dozen different levels. The game also has a nice graphic section and a very nice look. Dead Spreading Survival cheats help …

171 People Used

Super Mechs MOD APK Unlimited Tokens - Games and Apps MOD …


Super Mechs MOD APK Table Menu. 1. About Super Mechs 2. Super Mechs MOD APK Feature 3. Get Super Mechs MOD APK 4. More Super Mechs Overview. About Super Mechs. Fight with being a robot? Surely this will be very fun to play. If you are interested in playing it, Super Mechs can be the game you should choose.

153 People Used

Archery Club PvP Multiplayer MOD APK Unlimited Gems


About Archery Club PvP Multiplayer Archery Club is an archery sports mobile game where you can pit the accuracy of your eyes and fingers against other players from around the world. This game has three archery modes namely Longbow, Shortbow, and Compound Bow modes.

319 People Used

Darts Club PvP Multiplayer MOD APK Unlimited Gems


3. Get Darts Club PvP Multiplayer MOD APK 4. More Darts Club PvP Multiplayer Overview. About Darts Club PvP Multiplayer. Darts Club PvP Multiplayer is a game as usual. It looks quite interesting, here you can play from mode 101, 301 to 501. The graphics are pretty good reminding me of graphic RPG games like Clash Royale. Darts Club PvP ...

127 People Used

The Wanderer MOD APK Unlimited Tokens Caps


Well go ahead and ensure it is with Unlimited Tokens Caps from The Wanderer MOD APK. The Wanderer MOD APK Navigation. 1. About The Wanderer 2. The Wanderer MOD APK Feature 3. Get The Wanderer MOD APK 4. More The Wanderer Overview. About The Wanderer. Like the title of the game The Wanderer is a game about survival.

390 People Used

GraalOnline Ol West MOD APK Unlimited Gralats


2. GraalOnline Ol West MOD APK Feature 3. Get GraalOnline Ol West MOD APK 4. More GraalOnline Ol West Overview. About GraalOnline Ol West. GraalOnline Ol West is a mmorpg game that uses western themes. You will try to be the strongest by increasing the level. In addition you can also modify your own with a variety of outfits, weapons that can ...

72 People Used

Trench Assault MOD APK Unlimited Gold


Trench Assault is an Action game released by AMT Games Publishing Limited and has been downloaded by more than 5 million Android users. Assault Trench Game is a tanker battle game in the second world war that requires strategy in war. In order for the strategy to be developed successfully, then seek help from Trench Assault mod apk.

63 People Used

Backgammon Live MOD APK Unlimited Coins


☑ Allow your device to Install Apps manually (Check and Approve Unknown Sources) Download MOD APK Direct SSL Connection. More Backgammon Live Overview. To play backgammon, all you need is a pair, two dice, and a special backgammon board with a dam. The backgammon board is divided into two sides, each of which is a mirror reflection of the other.

374 People Used

Nicki Minaj The Empire MOD APK Unlimited Cash Crowns


About Nicki Minaj The Empire. Nicki Minaj officially introduces the newest game that can be played on mobile. This latest game is claimed to be like a game that Kim Kardashian has released. Gim Nicki Minaj: The Empire can be played by downloading through the App Store and Play Store. The way to play is quite easy, just by making a character who ...

170 People Used

MMX Hill Dash 2 MOD APK Unlimited Gems


MMX Hill Dash 2 mod apk provides unlimited gems. You can use this gems as micro. Upgrade your vehicles or even buy the new one that will enhance your driving experiences. MMX Hill Dash 2 …

342 People Used

Monster Energy Supercross Game MOD APK Unlimited Coins Cash


Monster Energy Supercross is different from Milestone, other racing game which is a motocross racing game on muddy arenas and uneven terrain. Monster Energy Supercross mod apk features unlimited coins and unlimited cash. Use these money to get new bikes that have better power. Monster Energy Supercross Game MOD APK Feature

125 People Used

Tabou Stories Love Episodes MOD APK Unlimited Keys Diamonds


About Tabou Stories Love Episodes. If you like visual novel games, Tabou Stories Love Episode is the right game for you. Initially you will be asked to choose the type of clothes and hair that you like. After that you can start going through one of the stories, Lessons in Lust. This game has an interesting and interactive storyline. You can use Tabou Stories Love Episode mod APK to get unlimited diamonds …

199 People Used

Dragon Storm Fantasy MOD APK Unlimited Diamonds Unlock VIP 15


Dragon Storm Fantasy mod apk features unlimited diamonds and unlock VIPs 15. Improve your hero performance by upgrading the equipment and stats. Get more benefits by using the last tier of vip feature. Dragon Storm Fantasy MOD APK Feature

403 People Used

Lineage 2 Revolution MOD APK Unlimited Diamonds


3. Get Lineage 2 Revolution MOD APK 4. More Lineage 2 Revolution Overview. About Lineage 2 Revolution. Lineage 2 Revolution is an MMORPG genre game with the open world concept that is currently becoming a concern of many gamers. Lineage 2 Revolution is arguably one of the most successful MMORPG games in history for smartphone devices, as ...

497 People Used

Sword Art Online Memory Defrag MOD APK Unlimited Diamonds


Using Sword Art Online Memory Defrag mod apk will give you unlimited memory diamonds. This is the premium currency in game that allow you to scout many premium characters. Sword Art Online Memory Defrag MOD APK Feature ✓ Unlimited Memory Diamonds

173 People Used

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Improve your web surfing experience by blocking the unnecessary ads!

On one hand globalization and modernization of technology solves many issues but on the other hand it brings a lot of problems. Almost everyone owns a mobile phone with internet connection on it, no matter if he or she resides in rural area or the urban area. With this increase in connectivity people the E-commerce has increased. People have begun selling their products online. Social Marketing has become s trend. But the issue is that not everybody is interested to watch ads from various sites but on the most common sites like YouTube the video stops for 5 to 15 seconds for the ad that is compulsory for proceeding further. But modern problems require modern solutions. We have brought a couple of best apps to block ads that are unnecessary and waste your precious time. Go through them and look which one meets your requirements. Happy reading! AdBlock Plus, ABP (Chrome, Edge, Firefox, IE, Opera, Safari, Android, iOS) Adblocker Plus is one of the best apps to block ads from your Google Chrome, Edge, Firefox, Opera, Android devices, Apple devices and Safari and is compatible to download for windows as well as for mobile phones be it android or iOS. The app is free of any cost and comes with filters. These filters allow to choose the ads you want to block. So, basically the app helps in blocking most of the ads in a short period of time. The app also allows to make white list and black list depending on which ads you want to see and which ads you want to block. So, concluding here AdBlock Plus is the best app to block non-intruding ads. Download App Poper Blocker: Pop up Blocker for Chrome: As the name Poper Blocker: Pop up Blocker for Chrome indicates that the app is used to block the pop ups on the chrome browser. It is designed to block pop ups and pop downs. It also focuses on blocking the overlays and timed and controls the advertisement by other sites. Whenever it blocks any ad it shows a notification. You can also check the total ads blocked by this app in the statistics section. The app is free of cost but it is the best app to block ads. Add Poper Blocker to Chrome uBlock Origin (Chrome and Firefox): The app is one of the best apps to block ads as it is free of any cost. The app has filters that automatically blocks the ads from most famous software but you can add your customized lists to block ads from other software. The app is compatible with the Chrome browser and Firefox browser. The app is efficient in its working and do what it promises. Add to Chrome AdGuard (Windows, Mac, Android, iOS) By paying a little money you can remove all the unwanted ads by using this app that stands alone in its own kind. AdGuard is the best app to block ads. The app is compatible to work on windows, android, Mac or iOS but it is important to note that the app should be installed from AdGuard software rather than from Google Play store. In case of iOS it works with Safari browser. The ad blocker app not only blocks advertisements from browsers but also block advertisements from games. The adult content can also be hidden using the app’s parental control feature. Moreover, the app has the feature to track the blocked ads. The app operates on both desktop as well as mobile phones. Just one subscription can save you from a lot of mess. Download AdGuard Fair AdBlocker (Chrome) Fair AdBlocker for Chrome is the best app to block ads. I will emphasis on the features of this app because they are worthwhile. The app not only blocks the pop ups and overlays but the Fair AdBlocker also blocks those ads that are being played to support the free websites that are sponsored by these advertisements. The app is totally free of any additional cost except the one you will need to have an internet connection for installing the app. The Fair AdBlocker works on making the white list and blocking the sites by the algorithms. It doesn’t go in the details of blocking the domains that are more active in publishing the advertisements. If you are more interested in white listing of the site then you should go with this app. Add Fair AdBlocker to Chrome AdLock (Windows, $22 per year; Android, $11 per year) AdLock is another best app to block ads from your desktop as well as from your phones. But the issue is that the app is not free of cost and if you want to install it on your desktop windows you will have to pay 22 dollars for the subscription for an entire year and if you aim at installing it on your android device you will have to pay an amount of 11 dollars for the subscription of an entire year. But the question arises why one should invest money on such n app when there are a lot of other aps that are free of cost. And also is it worthwhile to spend money in this app. Let us discuss some of its features to make it easy for you to decide if it is suitable for you or not. First of all, the app runs beside the browser and it does not work as a separate program. This helps it to block the ads not only on browser but also on games and other apps including Skype. The best features of this app is that it not only block ads and pop ups but also speed up the time required to load your sites and blocks the unsafe sites to maximize the protection. Download AdLock  
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Fundamental and Best Apps for IPad that you Must Download

iPad is one of the best selling pads in the world. Every person in each circle of life has iPads. Children, teens, adults, and older people. IPads make life easy. Although on the expensive side in most of the third world, it is easily accessible to the people living in Europe and the USA. Easier payment and data plans are present for you to buy iPads. There are many interesting and productive apps present in the iTunes store for you to access to make your pad bling, interesting, and productive at the same time. Leisure apps, finance apps, communication apps, games, social media, streaming, reading, and writing apps are available for you to choose in the iTunes store. It makes your life easier and productive. Money making apps are also present. The whole world is easily accessible to you. In the pandemic ridden world, we are spending more and more time on our pads and we are probably bored sitting in our homes idly, so spending time on your iPads can get boring. After reading this article the beginners will be wiser and some the expert ones take note too, maybe there are some apps for you too. Here are some of the best apps for your Ipad. WHATSAPP: One of the BEST COMMUNICATION APPS FOR IPAD as well as other platforms. This communication app lets you communicate easily. You can make groups for work, family, and business as well, For example, you are planning a party or a venture instead of messaging all of the people one at the time you can make a group add the people and make known your plans with a single message hassle-free. You can video chat as well, call, and chat on the hottest topics and ideas with your colleagues and friends. Plus your messages are encrypted and safe from the hackers and agencies that are spying all of the time. ZOOM: This app has come to the fore during the pandemic of coronavirus. The meetings had become a hassle when you don’t go to work in your office. You want to see your friends but can’t go, business meetings face to face but stifled, meet your loved ones but stuck in your residence or flat, One stop solution to the problem is Zoom, you can chat with people at the same time in a group video call. It basically is a Whatsapp for video calling. It has especially helped the business communities and government officials who have to go to work each day in this dangerous world and have meetings throughout the workday. Don’t worry ZOOM has you covered. THE BEST COMMUNICATION APP FOR IPAD and other platforms in the coronavirus pandemic. NETFLIX: THE BEST IPAD PRO APP FOR STREAMING. Netflix and chill is a term that has gained significance over the years. Stay at your home and enjoy the content that is productive and enlightening at the same time sure there are duds too but when you have nothing left to watch or are bored with your current setup Netflix covers you perfectly. Of course, it is not free you have to subscribe to use this wonderful service. No wonder it has 170 million subscribers. YOUTUBE: The second BEST IPAD PRO APP FOR STREAMING. Youtube is a platform for all. You can find everything happening in every nook and corner of the world. Favorite music, videos, funny videos, news, productive videos, learning videos, and daily hacks on this platform with just a click. You can earn money as well by starting your own channel as well, post daily videos that help the people in daily tasks and post your music and thoughts the more people watch and subscribe the more you earn money. COMIXOLOGY: This app allows you to buy comics digitally and use the large screen of your iPad comprehensively. The app allows you to access comics from franchises like Marvel and DC in just a click saving you the hassle to go to a comic store. Large arrays of the comics are present just buy it and read. MICROSOFT OFFICE: One of the common app used in the world. Arrange your documents, thoughts, make assignments, presentations, and projects, take notes, and scan documents as well. This app is a must-have for your device.  One of THE BEST iPOD PRO APPS FOR STUDENTS. BEAR: One of the BEST IPAD PRO APPS FOR STUDENTS. This app allows us to organize, arrange, and edit your documents. If you are a gifted writer but a bit messy too, Bear is the one app that you must have. AMAZON: The best apps out there for your device. Download the device register as a user if you are new and you are ready for shopping. The variety is huge. You can buy all kinds of stuff for yourself. Games, accessories, electronics, daily tools you name it, is on Amazon. You can sell your used items as well if it’s in good condition and you want to upgrade but on a budget constraint use Amazon. The one-stop-shop for everything. GARAGEBAND: The best music app on the platform. You can create music hassle-free with either your instruments or just by a variety of options present in the app. Keyboards, piano, drums, and guitar options are present for you to enliven your music. You can also use the microphone to record your voice. Export your creations on Facebook, SoundCloud, and Youtube with just a click. KINDLE: A must-have app for your device. This is one of great apps that allows you to read books and organize your library easily. There are variety of books present in the app once you subscribe to the service plus you can buy the books that are present in the Kindle market store. Spotify and Soundcloud are the best apps to stream a variety of music to your Ipad. Just type your favorite artist and their music is present for you to enjoy. Spotify has subscription attached to it as well, the subscription allows you to listen to the rare tracks in just a click. There are many other apps out there as well. Too many to tell and cover in one article. The games present in the store are too many to cover. It would have been an injustice to cover it in one single article.   
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Best Apps for Financial Controlling and Financial Management in 2020

There are many applications available online for financial controlling. Some of these are: Mint: Currently, Mint is one of the most if not the most popular application for financial controlling or budget planning. You first sign up on the app to make an account and then you add your credit card/debit card details. Once your credit and debit cards are linked to your Mint account, it starts to categorize your spending to highlight how you have been spending your money and what are your transactions so far. This app also allows you to schedule your transactions like bill payment and also helps you in keeping score of any investments you have made. One major advantage of this app is that it eradicates the issue of going to pay bills; the same bill payment can be done online and right from your phone, laptop, or computer.  Available on iOS and Android. YNAB-You Need A Budget: You Need A Budget, also known as YNAB is also a financial application used for budgeting purposes. It is divided into 4 parts, all of which are connected to each other to help benefit the budgeting process. In this app, once the transactions have been made, they need to be checked according to each budget category of the application. This makes the budget planning more accurate because a proper layout is given of where the money is being spent and how. Every month, reports are sent through the app to give an update to the client of how the spending can be made better. This app allows a free trial of up to 34 days. Available on iOS and Android. Every Dollar: This application uses the zero budget system of budgeting. This means that it gives an analysis of each and every dollar and how it fits in the budget, owing to its name Every Dollar. There is an expense tracker which is a part of the app which allows the client to keep a track of all their spending and also connect it to the bank for transactional purposes. The main purpose of the app is to show how much money has been spent over the course of the month and how much is still left. This app allows you to connect with money managing experts who can give fruitful guidance when it comes to budget planning. This is why this app was also developed under the guidance and supervision of financial experts. This app also offers a free trial. Available on iOS and Android. Personal Capital: Personal Capital is the app concerned with wealth management. Not only does it manage everyday budgeting but also bigger projects like investments and assets. This app incorporates linkages to more than 10,000 institutions which means that accounts can be linked with the application. Even though the app works greatly on tracking daily budgeting and how money is being spent, it works even better with investments. There is a built-in software for the desktop version of the app which provides the client with many advanced options such as taking care of risks, diversification opportunities and to track any transactions that may not show up otherwise. This app allows you to see if you are on the path of achieving your financial goals or not, in the long term. It also provided financial experts registered with the company to give financial advice to customers who need help. Available on iOS and Android. Mobills: Mobills is the app that provides categories to divide and track the money spent according to the given budget. It provides an analysis of each category separately in order to see how the budget can be improved. This app includes that provide insight into how your budget can be improved, adjustments can be made through these charts in order to achieve financial goals. This app also provides the option of adding dates for bill payment on the phone in order to give reminders as well as to allow bill payments through the app only. This app has a free version with fewer features, the upgraded version provides more services. Available on iOS and Android. Clarity Money: Clarity Money provides the client with the option to keep track of subscriptions taken up by the client and separate the ones that are being used from the ones that need to be canceled. This app allows you to make saving deposits on a regular basis, you can also create many saving funds to improve budget requirements. You can stay on top of your savings every month through this application. Available on iOS and Android. Prism: The Prism app allows you to gather all your finances and bills in place. This app allows you to add your bills where it tracks the bills and send reminders to your phone to avoid overdue payments, like cell phone alerts. Prism has the feature that you do not have to log in to numerous accounts to pay bills. Available on iOS and Android. Spendee: Unlike other apps that are for personal use, the Spendee application allows you to share your expenses with family and friends. This app allows you to import transactions in order to match the details to see how the money is being spent on a monthly basis. The app lets the client add budget details to provide a more accurate analysis of the budget. It also has this feature that it stops the clients from going over budget by showing the money that is being spent and tracking expenses. The app also sends alerts to the client to avoid overdue payments. Spendee also has another neat service that the client can add a specific category when traveling or attending an event in order to manage and plan the budget for that specific event. Available on iOS and Android.
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